Revolutionise Customer Payments

Improve customer service, collect more late fees, automate? Yes, PayXpress does all of that and more. Allow your customers to pay past-due or current balances on their accounts right at the keypad.

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Mag-Swipe Enabled

Apex Series Keypads with Mag-Swipe readers are the perfect companion for any PayXpress enabled system. The elegant four-line LCD will easily help your customers navigate the payment process, indoors or out.

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Which management software does PayXpress work with?

PayXpress currently integrates seamlessly with popular self-storage management software packages from Storman. Feel free to give your management software company a call and let them know you want PayXpress from PTI!

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Full Control

Let good customers in and keep the bad ones out. That is the cornerstone of our flagship StorLogix and Falcon XT access control system. Now with PayXpress you can allow them to pay at any mag-swipe enabled Apex keypad. At the gate, in the office, anywhere.

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