RX900 Wireless Door Alarms

RX900 Door TransmitterProtects your investment and your customer’s possessions.

Wireless door alarms offer a reliable alternative without the lengthy wire runs and labor-intensive retrofits. Add easy-to-install transmitters to vacant or rented units. Replace existing hard-wired door alarms without removing the old system.

Door Alarms are the only way to detect and deter break-ins at your facility. Individual door alarms are a proactive tool that prevents crime.

The RX900 wireless door alarm system from PTI Security Systems uses advanced frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum technology to give reliable alerts. With long-range signals over a wide frequency bandwidth, false alarms and dead zones become a thing of the past. Wireless transmissions bounce off solid objects, through cracks and glass, from building to building, and between multi-story floors. The RX900 wireless door alarm system is fully supervised to check transmitters for low batteries, tampering, and inactivity.

Included Features:

  • Great for new installs or retrofitting existing facilities.
  • Frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum technology.
  • Scalable to grow with your business.
  • Built to withstand the harshest environments.
  • FCC Approved for the United States
  • *NEW* Available for Australia, New Zealand, and Europe


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