Self Serve Kiosks

In the same way ATMs made banking more convenient, the INSOMNIAC kiosks make self-storage renting more convenient.

The INSOMNIAC range of self serve kiosks , so called because they never sleep are changing the self storage business. By using the newest and most effective technology available , the kiosks are allowing more customers to rent and make payments….how, where and when it’s most convenient for them (Not the other way around).  By providing a best in class customer convenience the kiosk helps increase occupancy and brand loyalty.

How do the Kiosks work?

Using a touch-screen computer with automated voice prompts your customers can:

  • Determine the right size storage space
  • Purchase the unit, insurance, even a lock
  • Sign the lease and move in (Accepts cash, credit card and cheque)
  • Complete all the paperwork at the Kiosk
  • Each interaction is digitally recorded providing operators with instant replays

The self -serve kiosks allows operators to:

  • Rent units 24/7
  • Accept monthly lease payments
  • Reduce employee costs
  • Generate incremental revenue

By being open 24/7 it provides operators with  a number of benefits:

  • Competitive edge over the closed competition
  • Rent more units and never miss a sales opportunity
  • Make money whilst you sleep


Assistant ManagerIt’s like having a 24/7 Assistant Manager

Throw away your “Closed” sign, you will not need it.  With an INSOMNIAC kiosk, customers make rentals and payments at their convenience, regardless of whether an actual manager is available.  Integrated with your favourite management software, the kiosk automatically applies payments and provides real-time updates of inventory and reports.  It even maintains the same security and gate policies already configured into your software.


See our model comparison chart to find out which INSOMNIAC kiosk is right for you.

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Contact us to discuss our INSOMNIAC Self Serve Kiosks – 07 3216 5624 or email

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