Remote Sites

Easily Control Your Remote Facilities

Have another property or looking to add more capacity off-site? You can connect to and control that site from your main facility. Our systems can handle remote connections via high-speed internet or dial-up modems depending on what is available in your area.

StorLogix & Falcon XT

Multiple Sites Made Easy

Need to connect to multiple sites in several different areas? Our systems make multi-site management a breeze. Connect to and control all of your facilities with our easy-to-use software. Now you can manage several sites from one PC.

StorLogix & Falcon XT

Like Having Your Own Cloud

PTI is the first to offer centralized data with StorLogix. From smaller operators with 5 sites to corporations with hundreds of sites, all of your data can housed on a centralised server for easy backup and database management. Add on a secondary server to run StorLogix and you don’t have to install any software at the property. Just hook up the Falcon XT to the router and connect from the centralized location.

StorLogix & Falcon XT

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