Get up and going quickly with StorLogix Mobile 1.

StorLogix Mobile puts the power of your StorLogix and Falcon XT access control system in the palm of your hand. Now you can quickly see who is on-site, recent activity, and open doors. In order to use this feature, you will need to take care of a few quick setup items.

Upgrade or Install StorLogix 4+ 

If you don’t already have StorLogix 4.1 or higher, please contact us to get information on upgrading to this latest version. Once you have installed StorLogix you are ready to go to the next step.

Ports, Firewalls, and Forwarding. Oh my!

The next step in the process is to open up the ports on the PC. The easiest way to get this done is to add the StorLogixSync.exe into the Windows Firewall as a program exception. This will allow StorLogix to accept incoming connections from outside the PC. If that isn’t an option or you are using a different firewall software you can simply open port 16160 for inbound TCP traffic. That’s it!

This next part may need a bit of networking expertise or a brave soul as we now need to get into the settings in your router. If you aren’t sure how to do this most routers have a digital manual that you can find with a quick online search. We are most interested in setting up port forwarding in the router. Port Forwarding tells the router to take all traffic on a given port and route, or forward, it to another device on the same or a different port. Once in your router’s settings you will need to set up a port forwarding rule that sends incoming web traffic on port 16160 (default) to the StorLogix computer on port 16160. If you want to change the external port for security reasons that is okay, just make sure it routes to port 16160 on the StorLogix PC. Oh, and don’t forget which external port you picked.

Download the APP

I’ve got the app, now what?

When you first get the app installed on your device you will see the “Site Status” screen. In here there is a button labeled “Sites” that will allow you to go in and get your app connected to your facility. Go ahead and tap on the “Sites” button.

Once you are on the “Sites” screen tap the button to add a site, usually a “+” button on the screen. This will bring you to the “Site Settings” screen. Within the Site Settings screen we will map items from StorLogix and your facility into the mobile app so that it knows where to go to get its data.

The first two fields on the screen for the Site Name (usually shows “Pending Sync…”) and Site Phone cannot be edited from within the app. Once you save the Site Settings the app will get this information from StorLogix. If you want to change these in StorLogix, go to Setup > Edit Company Info. The Site Name and Site Phone are both set within this wizard.

Now on to the settings! Let’s talk a bit about how the settings in StorLogix Mobile relate to the StorLogix desktop software.

Active Site

This setting determines whether not this site is active in the mobile app. The app allows you to have one site active at a time. If you have more than one you will be switching between them. Go ahead and set Active Site to “On.” There is a shortcut way to change the active site by long-pressing the site you want active on the “Sites” screen.

Site Code

Every site in StorLogix has a Site Code. This number is up to 6 digits long and is found on the Title bar at the top of the StorLogix desktop application once you have logged in. You can also see it in the “Site” drop-down within the StorLogix login screen. Enter your site code in this field.

Username and Password

In the StorLogix desktop software you use a Username and Password to log into the system. You’ll use that same Username and Password here to verify that you have access to this system. Watch out though, you cannot use the default Administrator login that comes with StorLogix in the Mobile app for security reasons. If you need to set up a new Operator account in StorLogix go to Setup > Operators. Also, if you use the new “Password Lock” feature in the mobile app, your Operator password is what it will be asking for.


Domain/IP and TCP Port

Now we are finally at the point where we can tell the Mobile app where you find your facility out in the world-wide web. There are some important items to cover here before we go ahead because there are two ways to configure this part of the app.


Internal WiFi Only


If your site has a WiFi (wireless) network at the facility and you aren’t going to use the system remotely you will use the NAME or IP Address of the computer that the StorLogix software is running on. You can find out what this information is by opening a Windows Command Prompt and typing in “ipconfig /all”. You either need to use the “Host Name” or primary “IPv4 Address” from the ipconfig results. For example, if your facility has a computer named STORAGE01 at IP Address, you can enter either the name or address of the computer in the “Domain or IP” field. For the TCP Port just enter 16160 as this is the default port. At this point you can skip the “Alt. Domain” and “Alt. Port” settings since this will be the only connection.


External Access Only

If your StorLogix system will only be accessed over 3G/4G connection or from elsewhere in the world you will need to use the external or public IP address for your facility. This is the IP address assigned to your DSL or Cable modem at the property. The easiest way to find your external IP address is you visit and it will show you right at the top of the page what your IP address is. Please be aware that if you do not have a STATIC IP Address assigned to your facility that address will change at some point in the future. For the best experience with the system we recommend getting a Static IP address or using a Dynamic DNS service. If you already have a static IP, dynamic DNS name, or a domain name at your site you can enter that into the “Domain or IP” field. For the TCP Port enter the external port you chose in the router during the network setup. Skip the “Alt.” settings for this configuration.


Advanced Site Settings

How to enable SSL

Starting with StorLogix Mobile 1.0.35 the app has full support for secured SSL connections. To use SSL turn on the “Advanced” switch near the top of the screen. Once enabled it will show the “Use SSL” option. If you choose to use SSL connections you will also have and option called “Accept Certs.” This tells the app to accept all SSL certificates on the server even if  those certificates are invalid. Please note that this is still a secure connection but slightly lower security. This is a good option for sites that have deployed self-signed certificates on their servers


Advanced WiFi and External Access with Automatic Switching


If your site has WiFi and you will be accessing the site remotely (away from the WiFi network) then go ahead and turn on the “Advanced” options. Follow the WiFi instructions above for the “Domain or IP” and “TCP Port” field entries. After that follow the setup found in “External Access Only” above and put those values into the “Alt. Domain” and “Alt. Port” fields. This is a quick way to set up two possible connections to the same system. One on the internal/WiFi address and the other on the external/Non-WiFi address. The application will automatically switch between the two when it detects it cannot access one or the other.


*** Congratulations! ***


Mobile FeatureOnce you have made it this far you can click on “Save” in the “Site Settings” screen. This will automatically take you back to the “Sites” screen and attempt to connect to your facility. The “Pending Sync…” facility name should quickly change to match your Site Name from StorLogix. Once this happens you are good to go.

If at any point you got stuck or didn’t understand what we were talking about, head on over, open a support ticket and someone from our friendly and helpful staff will get you going.

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