Terms and Conditions

1. PTI Australasia Pty Ltd will work with you in partnership to identify and resolve the problem. In some circumstances telephone / fax / email resolution may not be possible and a site visit / hardware change may be required. In this event PTI Australasia Pty Ltd will advise you on the course of action to be taken and the potential costs that may be incurred.

2. On Site Visits – where onsite visits are required or requested, a charge will apply at the current rate. On site visits include any travelling costs. A pre-authorisation form will be sent to you for approval prior to the visit.

3. Repairs and maintenance to your computer’s operating system, internet configuration, internet connection, virus scanner, firewall caused by misuse/ abuse, virus corruption, or any other hardware or software not installed by PTI Australasia Pty Ltd are not covered by this support agreement.

4. Maintenance to your computer’s operating system, internet configuration, internet connection, virus scanner, and firewall is not the responsibility of PTI Australasia Pty Ltd. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the computer is working correctly and that all the necessary patches, updates are installed. If PTI Australasia Pty Ltd Pty Ltd cannot upgrade or install any of the PTI products necessary on your PC, it is the responsibility of the owner to rectify the issue.

5. PTI Australasia Pty Ltd requires the computer to be installed with either – Radmin, VNC, Go To Meeting – to enable PTI Australasia Pty Ltd to access, at the owners / managers request, the computer to rectify any potential software problems reported.

6. Priority will be given to those customers who are unable to gain site entry/exit.

7. PTI Australasia Pty Ltd will not use or disclose any information about you, or your site without your consent.

8. PTI Australasia Pty Ltd assumes that you have a working backup of your system and data and accepts no liability or responsibility in the case of data loss.

9. These support plans cover the following PTI products only: Falcon Controller (Falcon Base Unit, Falcon XT), Falcon Software (F2000, Storlogix), EasyLink, Site Graphics, Keypads, Multiplexers and Door Alarms.

10. Repairs – PTI Australasia Pty Ltd Offer a repair service for all PTI equipment. You will be responsible for the cost of labour and parts and freight to and from your facility unless agreed with PTI Australasia Pty Ltd. PTI Australasia Pty Ltd will make all reasonable efforts to repair PTI equipment sent to our head office location (Northport Business Park, 1/ 425 Nudgee Road, Hendra, QLD 4011, Australia). PTI Australasia Pty Ltd reserves the right to declare equipment unrepairable. In the event that a piece of equipment is deemed unrepairable, PTI Australasia Pty Ltd will no longer be required to repair this item.

11. Health Check of Core Systems – Core systems are those items specified in clause 9 above. A “Health Check form” will be used to carry out the on site annual health checks. It stipulates what work & maintenance will be carried out on your system. A report will then be issued to your facility with any findings and recommendations.

12. All Support Plan Fees shall be subject to annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases.

13. The term of this Support Agreement shall commence on the date you accept and sign and shall continue for a period of 12 months. This agreement shall then continue for successive periods of 12 months, until determined by either party giving no less than thirty (30) days notice in writing to terminate and prior to the expiration of the initial term or subsequent and successive term.

14. Charges payable under this agreement will be payable 12 months in advance by the customer. PTI Australasia Pty Ltd will invoice the customer at the beginning of the first month and payment is to be made before the end of that first month. Successive terms will be invoiced prior to the anniversary date of the successive term.

15. The customer shall at all times, give thirty (30) days notice of their intention to disable, change or remove any equipment to be supported under this agreement or any services. This shall not release the customer from the obligations under the agreement.

16. The ‘No Support Package’ charges: – If this option is selected then you will be charged at the current cost, which may not be the one shown. You will be notified of the correct cost before proceeding. Credit card details or a pre authorisation signature is required before the problem is looked at. You will then be charged at the ongoing rate every three hours.

17. Changes to this document:

a. Support Packages 1, 2 & 3: notification of any changes to the package and / or Terms and Conditions will be emailed.
b. No Support Package: there will be no notification and you will be charged at the current rate.

18. PTI Australasia Pty Ltd’s Term & Conditions are subject to regular review. Any changes and support packages will be on the PTI Australasia website.

© PTI Australasia Pty Ltd 2014. All information and images used with permission.

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