Upgrade Your Site

Perhaps it’s time…

Your facility’s condition says a lot to your current and future customers, potentially costing you money. Faded touchpads, damaged goosenecks, nonexistent door alarms, manual entry gates, all add up to a poor impression. We can help you by upgrading old equipment or adding new features to put a fresh face on your facility.

Square is so 1999

Still have those hot, ultra-heavy, square displays in your office? Site Graphics with high-definition monitors will show your customers you are serious about security.

PTI Graphics

Metal Doesn’t Fade

If you can’t read the numbers on your keypads, neither can your customers. Both PTI and Digitech keypads feature metal touchpads that don’t wear or fade with time and use. Rugged housings and bright displays ensure correct use every time.

Apex Series VP Series

Work Anywhere

StorLogix Mobile puts you in the driver’s seat with the ability to check and control your system from anywhere. Open doors or view events, full control is right at your fingertips.

StorLogix Mobile

Customers Want Door Alarms

Alarmed units command premiums and attract customers. Easily retrofit or upgrade to wireless door alarms, even with rented units.

RX900 Wireless Door Alarms

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