Save with Wireless

Alarmed units command premiums and attract customers. Easily retrofit or upgrade to wireless door alarms, even with rented units. Wireless door alarms give you a truly reliable system minus the lengthy wire runs and expensive retrofits.

Handles Thousands of Door Alarms Every Day

Door alarms increase security, deter thieves, and attract customers. Using wired door alarms your facility will attract customers by increasing site security and creating a sense of comfort and trust. Our unique devices can support thousands of doors. No matter how big or small your needs are we can help customize a solution for your facility.

View Alarm and Unit Status Quickly and Easily with Site Grpahics

Instantly see site activity and alarms with Site Graphics.

You’ve made the smart choice with PTI.
Time to purchase and get it installed…

You did your homework and now would like to buy a new PTI system but have no idea how.